Classical chamber music and instrumental compositions.

Production music tracks, including hip-hop beats and dramatic cues.

When a second-tier American art museum unexpectedly receives Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe on loan for an exhibition, the curator’s wife learns a lesson in art history, l’amour, and the necessity of following one’s dreams.

Book and Lyrics: Germaine Shames | Music: Tareq Abuissa

Ruby Jubilee is the collaboration of Tareq Abuissa (music and lyrics) and S.H2O (production and mastering). Debut album recorded by Oliver Ignatius at Holy Fang Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Alexandra Flores is a newly-graduated tech journalist in pursuit of the truth in the age of fake news and clickbait. Upon meeting co-founders of an artificial intelligence startup, Alex and her colleague discover there’s more to a company's story than their press releases might suggest. Alex's values will be tested while she goes rogue to bring the real story to light!

Riley Hunter is a 29-and-¾-year-old founder determined to make Forbes' 30 Under 30. With his birthday fast approaching, Riley must maneuver a quick-to-judge venture capitalist who just ‘wants to be helpful,’ convince his CTO Anish to code instead of eating truffles in Dolores Park, and learn how to respect his COO, Delia, the backbone of their company.