South of Market: The Musical v2

October 2017

Alexandra Flores is a newly-graduated tech journalist in pursuit of the truth in the age of fake news and clickbait. Upon meeting co-founders of an artificial intelligence startup, Alex and her colleague discover there’s more to a company’s story than their press releases might suggest. Alex’s values will be tested while she goes rogue to bring the real story to light!

South of Market: The Musical

October 2016

Riley Hunter is a 29-and-¾-year-old founder determined to make Forbes’ 30 Under 30. With his birthday fast approaching, Riley must maneuver a quick-to-judge venture capitalist who just ‘wants to be helpful,’ convince his CTO Anish to code instead of eating truffles in Dolores Park, and learn how to respect his COO, Delia, the backbone of their company.

"Oh, the Sugars"

October 2013

Ben Crouse wrote and directed this “comic visual poem” which I scored with recorder, cello, piano, vocals, and triangle. He released it with Grossbus Animation on his birthday, a day before my own.

Spotlight On... & Rapid Fire

July 2013

I composed and recorded the soundtracks for Lincoln Center’s artist interviews as a Media Development intern. I also video edited the footage of Joshua Bell, Claire Chase, and Iván Fischer timed to these underscores.

Seasonal: i-iii.

April 2013

These three movements of chamber music were composed between September 2009 and April 2013, with each movement (fall, winter, spring) conceived during its corresponding season. I conducted this premiere, performed by Columbia ensemble LyricLion (flute, French horn, bassoon, 2 violins, 2 celli) joined by Juilliard harpist Katherine Siochi. See below for the fourth movement, premiered at a later performance.

Seasonal: iv. No Ears

February 2014

This fourth movement was composed to represent summer, concluding the previous movements of Seasonal. Solomon Hoffman conducted its premiere, performed by his ensemble LyricLion and harpist Ellie Kirk.

TEDxColumbiaCollege: of Rain

November 2012

I arranged this looping cello/guitar performance from of Rain, the third movement of Seasonal. Andrew Bird inspired the live looping technique, which I implemented in Ableton Live, and can be heard beginning at 1:17.

V118: The Corporate Core

May 2012

The Varsity Show is Columbia’s oldest performing arts tradition, with composer-lyricist alumni including Rodgers, Hammerstein, Hart, Kitt, and Yorkey. In its 118th annual installment, our spring satire on the year’s memorable moments attracted an audience of over 5,000. Solomon Hoffman and I devoted our sophomore springs co-composing the two-act score for 11 singers and a pit of 25 musicians. For more background, visit our year’s Varsity Show page here. My favorite tunes begin at the following times:

0:54 Another Epic Day!

43:36 Nothing But Love

57:55 Alma's Army